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Bio Inspired Design Fest (BIDFEST): 2023

SBE-VIT And SBST bring you the 8th edition of our annual flagship event -BIDFest 2023! 

Our goal this year is to offer participants an unparalleled learning opportunity by exploring the complex and awe-inspiring designs found in the nature  during our 24 hour event.

Students will be given the opportunity to engineer innovative solutions for the challenges of today's world where they will be required to present a 3D model/prototype of their idea.


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Bio Inspired Design Fest (BIDFEST): 2022

The Biomimicry Institute defines Biomimicry to be “a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges—and find hope.” 

BIDFEST 2022, our flagship event, is here with a bigger & better platform for you to showcase your skills and get mentored by the cream of the industry!

SBE's biggest hybrid event, with an offline ideathon and online e-poster competition.

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Bio Talks 7.0

Covering over 70% of the Earth’s surface, the Oceans represent an incredibly diverse, yet understudied ecosystem. 
Housing millions of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses and archaea, which are famously known to mediate key ecosystem processes in these marine systems, it accounts for a majority of the biodiversity present. 


As the 7th edition of the BioTalks series, SBE-VIT presents an intriguing session on Introduction to Marine Microbiology with our speaker Dr. Belle Damodara Shenoy, a mycologist working as a Principal Scientist at CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography Regional Centre, Visakhapatnam, India!

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Bio Inspired Design Fest (BIDFEST): SBE-VIT's Flagship Event

Here’s a chance to present your incredible ideas that could solve some of the most crippling problems we face today!
SBE’s hallmark annual event Bio-inspired Design Fest features talks by renowned speakers from different fields in biotechnology and an idea-thon with a time limit!

Here you, as a team, have the chance to push yourself to the limit, test your skills and knowledge and come up with a feasible solution to one of our problem statements against all odds.

Bio - Jeopardy (GRAVITAS)

Ever thought answering questions was fun? But you know what the biggest twist is? In Bio-Jeopardy. You get to frame the questions for the answers displayed!

Come join us with your thinking cap radiating to the brim to speedily put your knowledge on biology and biotechnology to the test!


Our Collaboration with Alpha Bio Cell

Society for Biological Engineering (SBE-VIT) and Alpha Bio Cell bring to you “Epistemi”- a 2-day bio entrepreneurial conference and ideathon!


Testing your teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking,and your business savviness- to give you the ideal platform to make waves in the field of bio-entrepreneurship and to create something that is purely designed and imagined by you.

Epidemic (GRAVITAS)

Understanding the way diseases spread is key for any biologist's success. Here at SBE-VIT, we have  "Epidemic", an event with three unique rounds  to analyze the different interpretations one can have and pass successful solutions to a case given.

Come join us in Gravitas for an amazing  and enlightening experience!


Journal Joints

One of the frontier aims we have as biotechnologists is to learn and spread knowledge about the multitude of different topics amongst our members and create a forum for discussion. 

Journal Joint is our offline stand in wherein members meet together to here their fellow peers explain a article/paper of their choice and motivate discussion and inculcate a deeper understanding for biotechnology.


Net Meet 'n' Learn

Biotechnology is a vast field, with so much to explore and learn. NetMeet-n-Learn is a series of sessions providing each of us the opportunity to delve into interesting research, topics and ideas from this field from the comfort of our own homes.


Net Meet-n-Learn was started during the pandemic, and is the online stand-in for our event “Journal Joint”, wherein research papers and ideas are discussed by members.

These sessions are truly interesting and informative, allowing you access to a plethora of knowledge!

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BioTalks sessions give you the unique opportunity to interact with eminent speakers in the field of biotechnology and learn about their work, their journey and the things that inspired them. 

These sessions allow you to interact with such amazing people with no physical barrier and might just be the thing that inspires you to join their fields! 


GraVITas Hallmark: Episkey

Episkey is a team based event that really intrigues the medical mind slumbering deep inside everyone!!

Come join is in Gravitas to awaken the doctor present deep in your mind!

Bio-Inspired Design Engineering Workshop (BIDE)

Bio-Inspired Design is seen as the way of the future for a much more sustainable and balanced society.


Therefore, we conduct this International Conference so as to expose people to different developments in this field and obtain unique insights from the top-notch people in this department!


Whoever told you Biotechnology isn’t fun was very very wrong!
Bioskribble is a fun online event that triggers both your creative and rational sides!

Have fun guessing bio-related words represented through the amazing medium that is art, and demonstrate your own artistic skills by doodling these words.


Our international collabaration with SBE-UISC

SBE VIT x SBE UISC presents SBEWARE 2021. It raises awareness about health education, especially focusing on malnutrition and general decline of health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SBEWARE is here again to provide an opportunity for us to be able to make an impact on those around us.


What's In a Logo

SBE's own fun rendition of the famous game "What's in a Logo", a fun technical event that keeps you on your toes every second!

Participate here to see if you're a true maestro in the brands that poulate the field of Biotechnology!

Biotech & Beyond!

What are the avenues possible for one to venture into after your under graduation? One must be aware of what options are present in the world for one to soar in their professional life. 

And who better to give such advice than students who have just nabbed a few of these opportunities! 

So join us for 'Biotech and Beyond'- an informative session for everyone contemplating higher education in biotechnology.

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